Star Citizen and Squadron 42 are still years from launch, CIG confirms

It's a source of endless frustration for backers and MMO players and a running joke in our own comments: Will Star Citizen ever release,...

Star Citizen fans call out several promised features that were cut from alpha 3.16

While the recently released alpha 3.16 of Star Citizen has its fair share of things to do, fans of the game are calling attention...

Star Citizen fans complain about Luminalia ‘gift advertisements’, ship pricing, and Legatus pack price hike

CIG has found ways to get money out of the backers of Star Citizen enough times that it's earned the dubious honor of being...

Star Citizen’s alpha 3.16 brings back Jumptown as a dynamic event, adds new bounties and a new ship

The time has come for players of Star Citizen to come back to Jumptown for some hard-won contraband. Alpha 3.16, aka Return to Jumptown,...

Star Citizen players come together to create a heartwarming Luminalia holiday video

From the outside looking in, one could perhaps assume Star Citizen's Luminalia holiday is about Chris Roberts coming down your chimney, eating your wallet,...
Guns! In! Space!

Star Citizen recaps its 2021 accomplishments, looks ahead to alpha 3.16

2021 has been a ride for Star Citizen, and though there's still a few weeks left to the month of December, the game's newest...

Star Citizen and EVE Online appear to be gearing up for a community LEGO build-off

It all started with a tweet from Star Citizen, calling attention to an impressive LEGO build of a Drake Vulture (the builder even created...

Star Citizen Live talks about planned updates to the game’s roster of internet spaceships

While this year's IAE is now officially in the bag, that doesn't mean that spaceships aren't still on the minds of the Star Citizen...
This is never happening.

Star Citizen grants a close look at the MISC Odyssey and other in-production vehicles in latest video

Not every ship in the world of Star Citizen has to be about combat. Sometimes you just want to board a big boat and...

Star Citizen introduces the RAFT cargo hauler and Ares Starfighter in latest video

The Intergalactic Aerospace Expo event of Star Citizen - and by extension the newest Inside Star Citizen video - is revealing another two ships...

Star Citizen’s crowdfunding crossed the $400M threshold this weekend

The start of the Intergalactic Aerospace Expo - and likely more specifically the launch of the Spartan APC - has once more heralded a...

Inside Star Citizen unveils the Spartan APC and the Redeemer gunship

Remember when Star Citizen was talking a lot about unannounced vehicles moving through the development pipeline? We now know the names, shapes, and purposes...

Star Citizen prepares fans for tomorrow’s free-to-play IAE event with an FAQ and ship rental schedule

Let's assume you're absolutely brand-spanking new to Star Citizen, or perhaps you've been away from the game for a while (did you know that...

Inside Star Citizen talks about short-term and long-term plans for dogfighting

Once again, Star Citizen is thinking about space combat, which would make sense since it plays an important part of the gameplay loop and...

Star Citizen’s alpha 3.15 is live with new health and death mechanics plus lootable corpses

CIG has been making a lot of noise about the "Death of a Spaceman" and the "vision" of Chris Roberts in bringing more consequences...

Star Citizen’s video series returns with a look at mining gadgets, new armor, and Vulture progress

The brief break in-between episodes of Star Citizen's video series Inside Star Citizen is over, and the weekly videos are back, starting off with...
This is less than fine.

Star Citizen’s October dev roundup notes AI work, inventory features, and optimization for alpha 3.15

Alpha 3.15 of Star Citizen continues its creep towards release, so naturally there's been a lot of work done in the month of October...

Former UK Star Citizen player outlines the steps he took to get a refund from CIG

If you're dissatisfied with how Star Citizen is being managed to the point that you want a refund and you happen to live in...

Stick and Rudder: Recapping everything Star Citizen showed at the latest CitizenCon

The digital CitizenCon event has, for all intents and purposes, come and gone, lining up a series of seven different video panels that were...

Star Citizen posts scheduled times for this year’s CitizenCon panels

Tomorrow is the all-digital CitizenCon, and while fans of Star Citizen were already aware of the panels that are coming for the event and...