The Division 2 elaborates on skills and specializations


If you’re going to try to take back Washington D.C., you’re going to need some skills to do it, and the agents of The Division 2 are going to see them tweaked a bit. An interview with one of the online shooter’s top brass has briefly explained some of these skill changes as well as shed a little light on specializations.

User feedback is prompting the devs to make some adjustments to skills, particularly in the interest of the endless chase for PvP balance according to Ubisoft creative director Chadi El-Zibaouiā€¸.

“We’re going to be making those little tweaks until day one, and of course when the game is out in the hands of players, that’s when we will have more data and adjust those that feel too powerful. We have a team that is focusing 100 per cent on the PvP [player versus player] platform, and are in constant communication with the team at Massive to ensure that those skills are not unbalancing the PvP.”

Specializations, meanwhile, are described less like a class mechanic and more like an additional layer of customization to your Agent. An example provided includes a Sharp Shooter specialization that lets you shoot through armor plates or take down multiple targets that are lined up. Both skills and specializations will also have mods for further customization.

The Division 2 is continuing to spool up the hype for its open beta weekend running between Friday, March 1st, and Monday, March 4th, with a new live action trailer. Feel free to embroil yourself in all the stoic heroism below the jump.

sources: Gadgets 360 via Reddit, YouTube
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