Pantheon Rise of the Fallen talks stats, art style, character death, and 2024 plans in new Q&A


This week saw yet another Q&A video from the devs of Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen, and once again the questions that were asked and answered were spread all around various mechanical matters of the game. So without further ado, let’s dive in.

Stats were on the minds of many players, particularly non-primary stats ans how they’ll affect classes. The devs did confirm that “soft specc’ing” is going to be a thing in Pantheon, with a given example being a Warrior having an ability that has an effect that’s amplified by intelligence or wisdom. As for how these secondary stats are improved, that will happen primarily with items.

Another large topic was about the MMORPG’s death mechanics; here Visionary Realms confirmed it will be seeing some tweaks in terms of XP loss and the near-death state’s feeling of risk and opportunity. The devs also stated that resurrection mechanics will be adjusted, and while the Shaman class is the only one capable of rezzing itself, they’re not against other healers getting a similar ability as a prestige ability. Finally, there are plans to let friends retrieve another person’s corpse.

The studio once again propped up its visual change as a good thing, with lower poly counts and better performance overall. That said, there are improvements that are in the works, primarily to the game’s lighting, which should help toe the MMORPG’s visual style between sytlistic and realistic. This will also mean that nighttime will be less dark than it is now, though the devs did state that some areas will be extremely dark where it makes sense.

The topic of improving communication came up, which will be handled through things like frequent update posts, a production tracker, a “Dean’s Beans” channel in the official Discord that will act as a dev tracker, and the establishment of a direct line between the studio’s production manager and comms “to keep info moving freely between departments.”

Last but not least, the devs outlined a rough plan for what they want to get done in 2024, including bringing in more zones, as many playable races as possible, and all of the game’s base classes. Followers of the game can listen to the full roundtable below or thumb through an official summary post.

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