Aliens: Fireteam reveals its upcoming Pathogen paid DLC


So, you’re a fan of Aliens: Fireteam? You like shooting xenomorphs with other people for loot and glory? How would you feel about shooting kind-of xenomorphs that are weird pale gooey things for loot and glory? Assuming your answer was somewhere in the positive range, perhaps you should check out the upcoming Pathogen DLC for the game, paid content that gives you new things to shoot in new areas for new rewards. What else could you ask for, story?

Well, you’re getting some story even if you didn’t ask for it because planet LV-895 has something living there that even xenomorphs aren’t safe from, thus changing them into new forms and giving you new enemies to shoot down. Fortunately you also get new class abilities and new guns, as well as new ways to customize your character and those guns. Check out the trailer just below and keep your eyes peeled for new information; the game currently sits around 300 or so people still playing on Steam, but giving players new xenomorphs to shoot will hopefully be a welcome shot in the arm.

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