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EG7 Q1 2024: Daybreak still mum on PlanetSide 2, new H1Z1 game hires lead designer

It's not even been two weeks since Daybreak owner EG7 published its 2023 annual financial report, which of course omitted everything relevant that happened...

Aliens Fireteam Elite commits to quality-of-life updates as its studio begins work on a new title

Updates for the co-op multiplayer shooter Aliens: Fireteam Elite have been a bit sporadic (the last content update was released in April), which...

EG7 and Daybreak: DCUO’s volatility, EverQuest’s stability, Cold Iron’s new game, LOTRO’s canceled remaster

Last night, we covered EG7's video pitch to investors, which among other things included a segment during which EG7 and Daybreak boss Ji Ham...

Aliens Fireteam Elite makes its Cistern map a permanent feature and opens reward pools to all modes

Last time we heard word from Aliens: Fireteam Elite, it released a new vertical map called Cistern complete with holiday-themed rewards for players to...

Aliens Fireteam Elite adds a new vertical horde mode map with holiday-themed rewards

Even in a shooter like Aliens: Fireteam Elite, it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas. A xenomorph-infested Christmas that will see players work...

Aliens Fireteam Elite adds crossplay, prestige progression, and a turret babysitting game mode

If there's one thing shooter fans love, it's stopping what they're doing (usually shooting things) to make sure a stationary turret is full of...

Aliens: Fireteam reveals its upcoming Pathogen paid DLC

So, you're a fan of Aliens: Fireteam? You like shooting xenomorphs with other people for loot and glory? How would you feel about shooting...

Aliens Fireteam Elite promises new game modes, new kits, and new weapons in a year one roadmap

As we noted last week, things in the world of Aliens: Fireteam Elite aren't looking good, aren’t looking good, and not just because there...
Sounds like trouble.

Aliens: Fireteam Elite previews its soundtrack and difficulty modes

Beneath the sudden sparks of gunfire, the hissing of something hiding in the dark, and the sound of a team slowly stepping through infested...

Take a look at 25 minutes’ worth of Aliens Fireteam gameplay

Now that we know that Daybreak and Cold Iron Studios is finally launching that co-op shooter Aliens: Fireteam, there are likely more than a...

Console LOTRO and DCUO’s huge playerbase: Everything we just learned about Daybreak thanks to EG7

MMO twitter has been ablaze since yesterday's announcement that Daybreak is being bought up in its entirety by Swedish games company Enad Global 7,...
This was a thing.

Daybreak has acquired Cold Iron Studios and its Alien MMOFPS [Updated]

We've updated the end of this post with the confirmation and press release; we've left the original reporting intact. For the last year, it seems...

MMO Business Roundup: Guild Wars’ art book, Day of Dragons drama, Red Dead hackers, FogBank layoffs, and more

Welcome back to another roundup of MMO (and MMO-adjacent) industry news! Guild Wars' art book: If you happened to read our swag guide ahead of...

MMO Business Roundup: Tencent, Ubisoft, Rockstar, energy, Creativerse, and Cold Iron Studios

Welcome back to another roundup of MMO (and MMO-adjacent) industry news! Tencent: Just before Funcom and Tencent announced the Chinese gaming giant was angling to...

Craig Zinkievich’s Aliens shooter is looking more and more like an MMOFPS after all

A couple of years ago, several key devs who once built MMOs for Cryptic - Craig Zinkievich, Shannon Posniewski, and Matt Highison - announced...

Another writer allegedly leaves BioWare – what on earth is going on with Anthem?

Surfacing at the tail end of last week was the news that multiple former BioWare devs who'd all contributed heavily to Star Wars The...

Former SWTOR creative director and key writers form up under new studio FogBank

We don't know exactly what titles they're working on, but three former Star Wars: The Old Republic veterans have joined forces under a studio...

Ex-Cryptic devs are making an Aliens shooter set in a persistent world

Way back in 2016, a trio of former Cryptic developers -- Craig Zinkievich, Shannon Posniewski, and Matt Highison -- struck out on their own to...

Cold Iron’s Craig Zinkievich on funding, the genre, and the MMO nature of the game

Earlier this month, we got a curious press release from a new gaming studio called Cold Iron. I might have skipped over it but...