Take a look at 25 minutes’ worth of Aliens Fireteam gameplay


Now that we know that Daybreak and Cold Iron Studios is finally launching that co-op shooter Aliens: Fireteam, there are likely more than a few folks that are curious about just what this game looks like in motion. Luckily, there’s a whole mission preview video now online to sate that curiosity.

Along with a look at the gameplay, the video also confirms a few more details about the game including that it can be played solo with two bot teammates filling out the three-person fireteam, though the devs in the video do point out that it’d be better to bring friends along. It also talks a bit about the different classes, each of which will have two abilities that can be used along with a progression system that lets players advance their class’ kits. As for enemies, players can look forward to 20 different enemy types skulking at players, each with the promise of unique Ai behaviors.

Finally, the game will have four different campaigns with three missions each, while mission variance will be injected via difficulty levels that introduce friendly fire and limit resources and a variety of background systems that add enemies and change the pace of missions. The complete mission preview is embedded below.

source: YouTube
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