Post-apoc survival shooter The Day Before promises raw gameplay footage sometime in January

If you've been curious about The Day Before, you've perhaps been a bit frustrated at the lack of hard information, since most of what's...
Home away from what pretends to be home.

The Cycle Frontier continues its ‘balance spree’ as players complain about matchmaking

Players of the PvPvE shooter The Cycle: Frontier are still apparently having a bad time with matchmaking, which has been a bugbear for the...

Overwatch 2 details a host of changes being made to competitive play

An arguably heavy-handed free-to-play setup isn't the only thing that's going to be different in Overwatch 2. The shooter is also looking to use...
Shoot, but robot.

Gundam Evolution plans for a September 21 launch date on PC

You have a lot of team-based shooters available to you right now if you enjoy being in a team and shooting people from a...

Avatar Reckoning shows off mobile gameplay, says it’s coming ‘soon’

Do you vaguely remember that movie about blue tree elves from 2009 that made more money than many countries' annual GDP and then left...

Rift Sweepers is a co-op third-person shooter headed to early access September 8

It's time once again for the multiplayer shooter sub-genre to get a fresh early access addition. This time we're taking a look at Rift...

The Stream Team: It’s shooter Saturday with Valorant

What does MassivelyOP's MJ do when someone she cares about asks to play a game with her? She says yes! Even when it is...

Not So Massively: The Anacrusis is nowhere near ready for launch

The Anacrusis is a four-player co-op shooter intended to be a spiritual successor to Left 4 Dead. I was never a particularly big L4D...

Electronic Arts announces multiple Star Wars games, including a new shooter

EA and Respawn aren't letting that ol' Star Wars license go to waste: The companies just announced that their partnership with Lucasfilm Games will...

Battlefield 2042 has rolled into early access for preorders and subbers

Shooter fans have a fun weekend ahead of them with the launch of Battlefield 2042 into early access as of today - at least...

Thunder Tier One is a multiplayer top-down tactical shooter from a PUBG dev, and you can play test it this weekend

Evidently, one of the developers of battle royale shooter PUBG, the head of action and gunplay unit Pawel Smolewski, has been working on a...

Jump into a mech and blast some ‘bots in Galahad 3093’s open beta

Fans of MechWarrior and BattleTech should have Galahad 3093 on their radar, especially since the upcoming online shooter is launching a one-week open beta...

Not So Massively: Checking the pulse of Star Wars Battlefront II

As I am someone who is at best lukewarm to the Star Wars franchise, nearly as ambivalent toward shooters, and almost entirely uninterested in...

Take a look at 25 minutes’ worth of Aliens Fireteam gameplay

Now that we know that Daybreak and Cold Iron Studios is finally launching that co-op shooter Aliens: Fireteam, there are likely more than a...

Rogue Company and Paladins release new seasons with new characters and battle pass rewards

Hi-Rez Studios' games are all about those battle pass-filled seasonal updates and the latest updates to both Rogue Company and Paladins are no different....

Fortnite elaborates on the Ventures feature and new missions arriving to Save the World

With Fortnite effectively putting the kibosh on major new updates, there leaves the one final piece of content which will become the only form...

The Stream Team: Holiday train-saving in Apex Legends

It's been quite a long time since Massively OP's MJ has jumped into Apex Legends. Nearly a year, in fact. But what better time...

Not So Massively: A wishlist for MMO-adjacent online games in 2020

With the year drawing to a close, my thoughts turn ahead to 2020 and what new gaming experiences it may bring. I am an...
Hold your breath and count to ten, fall apart, start again.

Not So Massively: Overwatch 2 is what Overwatch should have been from the start

Much to my own surprise, the announcement that most excited me at BlizzCon this year was not from any of the franchises I usually...

Anthem’s patch 1.40 brings freeplay changes, returned loot, and a hint toward Cataclysm’s ending

Throughout the Cataclysm event, Anthem has continued to roll out a slow but steady trickle of new loot, arenas, and story missions, but today's...