Mythic vets at Loric Games unveil Echoes of Elysium, a new co-op skyship survival sandbox


Way back in 2022, we first caught wind of Loric Games, a new studio founded by Mythic vets Rob Denton, Brian Johnson, and Ray Soto, all working on a co-op, story-driven survival RPG and already backed by some serious investor capital. By January of this year, the studio had added Jeff Hickman to the roster, yet another Mythic and BioWare vet, along with more investor cash. At the time, we still had very little info about the game, just teases that it was some sort of open-world fantasy survival title.

That’s all changing today, as Loric has officially announced the game as Echoes of Elysium. According to the game’s website and Steam page, it’s very much a survival sandbox with optional co-op, not an MMO, in case you were harboring hopes there. Devs call it “an aerial exploration and survival game, set in the procedural world of Elysium” where you “fire up the engines and take to the skies in your hand-crafted fleet of airships” as “mechanical wonders clash with ancient mysteries in an untamed paradise.”

“Echoes of Elysium offers a unique blend of exploration, survival, and creation in a beautifully crafted clockwork world. Customize your airships, forge your destiny, and unravel the mysteries of Elysium in this unforgettable open-world survival crafting game. […] Gather, craft, survive, and grow in power amidst mechanical wonders and serene skies, where danger lurks in the form of soul-powered clockwork monsters. Battle against these clockwork enemies powered by the essence of lost Elysians as you fight for survival. Harvest unique resources to craft vital tools, contraptions, buildings, and airships, all aiding in your defense and exploration. […] Work alone or with friends to build your fleet of airships. Fight to survive against a myriad of airborne enemies! Airships are more than just transportation, they are an integral part of the core survival experience, serving as your main base of operations and fulfilling roles that aid in gathering and transporting raw materials, exploring new regions, and elevating play to new heights.”

We don’t see anything resembling a launch window here, never mind tester signups, but the trailer sure is pretty.

Source: Official site, Twitter, Steam. Cheers, Alessio!
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