Destiny 2 adds new weapons, details Checkmate mode updates, and confirms Season 23 gunsmith tweaks


The end of the week always means a newsletter from Destiny 2, and this edition of the post features another round of updates for the current and next season of the looter shooter, with focus on new ritual weapons, updates to the Crucible’s Checkmate modifier, and another snippet of updates coming in Season 23.

Right now in the shooter, players can snag themselves a new legendary precision bow from completing Nightfalls, while this weekend will add a new legendary grenade launcher to Trials. Those who are hunting exotic weapons are also seeing another switch to the exotic mission rotator that features craftable versions of Dead Man’s Tale, Dead Messenger, and Revision Zero exotic weapons. For the PvP players, next week will bring tweaks to Checkmate that adjusts the damage bonus or damage penalty for several weapon classes and named weapons.

Speaking of future content, the newsletter outlines a new feature that will come to the gunsmith Banshee-44 that replaces the NPC’s usual selection of buyable weapons with the opportunity to craft specific weapons via gunsmith focusing. Players will get to select weapons from four different manufacturers that first appeared in Seasons 16 through 19, with manufacturer availability rotating over the course of four days. Crafting a weapon will require 5,000 glimmer and three gunsmith engrams, the latter of which will be earned from completing lost sectors or looted from open world chests in addition to being granted with gunsmith ranks.

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