City of Heroes Rebirth rogue server re-engages the Rikti Invasion event starting today

Forever and ever.

One of my many favorite memories in City of Heroes was playing the first Rikti Invasion in Atlas Park. Watching the war walls disengage for the very first time was honestly alarming, and the number of players and alien invaders made things laggier than a primetime Hamidon raid while still being fun regardless. While the Rebirth rogue server’s population is likely nowhere near those old days, players wanting to relive the event or chase the associated accolade have another opportunity to do so.

The Rikti Invasion will be making its comeback to Rebirth from today, September 29th, and will run for two weeks until Friday, October 13th. Naturally there won’t be too much different in terms of the event’s actual mechanics, but it’s still promising a green sky-filled, alien smashing good time for those who are on the rogue server.

In other news, Rebirth players came together for a sidekick-focused costume contest last month, offering a host of handsome rewards for winning selections and all attendees. For those who missed out, we’re being rewarded with screenies from an Atlas Park costume contest lineup, which may stir some fond memories not unlike those roused by the Rikti Invasion event.

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