Helldivers 2 players share sightings of mysterious blue lasers, fueling speculation of a third enemy faction


The playerbase of Helldivers 2 is sharing some interesting and terrifying new reveals from the shooter’s various battlefronts, and this time it’s not just about attacks from flying Terminids. Multiple people on Reddit and Twitch are sharing footage of some random blue lasers that are menacing players mid-mission from seemingly out of nowhere.

The game’s subreddit is particularly awash in these laser sightings, with multiple video clips being shared of these “snipers” taking out human and insect alike. The strikes appear to be coming from multiple directions, and one player even managed to see these lasers screaming across the sky.

The popular presumption among the H2 playerbase is that these laser attacks are heralding the arrival of the Illuminate, a highly sophisticated third enemy faction that featured in the first game. Fueling this assumption is the fact that the game’s galaxy map, which has the Terminids on one side and the Automatons on the other, has a third section of space that is noticeably clear of an enemy group – a perfect place for the Illuminate to slot in to. Assuming they’re indeed coming; once again, Arrowhead CEO Johan Pilestedt is playing coy.

In other H2 news, the game has its own elite player akin to the “Let Me Solo Her Guy” from Elden Ring who does nothing more than answer SOS calls to help out players in need, while a sales analyst estimates that the shooter has sold over 8 million copies worldwide.

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sources: Reddit (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7), Twitch, Twitter, Kotaku, GameDeveloper.com, thanks to Britarnya for the tip!
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