Nexon’s early access 5v5 action shooter Veiled Experts will sunset December 14


You may not have heard of Veiled Experts, a free-to-play 5v5 tactical action shooter from Nexon: The company billed it as a game that’s all about high octane and movement, with parkour moves, maps that change depending on what happens mid-match, and a shrinking magnetic field that tries to keep players from staying in one place. It began alpha testing in 2021 and entered Steam early access in May to some overall “Mixed” user reviews.

Unfortunately the game doesn’t appear to have made a blip on most gamers’ radars as Nexon has announced a sunset date of Thursday, December 14th before it could even leave early access. A specific explanation wasn’t provided in the announcement, but Nexon does state that the studio “determined that it was time to start anew in order to create a better game and must reluctantly deliver [its] farewells,” which suggests that the game wasn’t financially viable.

Veiled Experts may not always have been perfect but we want to thank you for the kind love and support you’ve shown us,” the announcement closes. “We will always remember our shared moments together through Veiled Experts in our hearts.” Perhaps Nexon’s other action-packed shooter The Finals will have better luck.

sources: official site, Steam, thanks to Cider for the tip!
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