Destiny 2 opens threads for PvPer input, tests new PvP modes, and promises PvP playlist restructuring


PvP players in Destiny 2 are very often the sort to have opinions, so in order for Bungie to leverage that input without exposing its devs to the abuse of garbage humans, it has opened up collection posts to gather PvPer feedback in more centralized locations.

The PvP strike team that was referenced by the shooter’s director last month has created threads on the Bungie forums, on Reddit, and on Twitter, all of which ask players what they would like to see in order to make PvP improve. Bungie is asking for some focused feedback in these threads, such as what sort of game modes or rulesets PvPers would like to see in competitive playlists.

In addition to the feedback collection, Bungie is running some new crucible lab tests, with the new Relic game mode available for testing now and the Checkmate modifier scheduled for testing on September 19th. The PvP strike team is also working on a complete restructuring of current playlist identities, promising to look at multiple facets like modes, maps, matchmaking tuning, lobby balancing, and rotation details.

“Our objective is not to increase player numbers by forcing players who don’t enjoy these activities to feel obligated to play them,” the shooter’s newsletter explains. “Instead, we want to create fun experiences that entice players who have shied away from Shaxx’s calling to dip their toe in.”

Other portions of the newsletter for the week include the reveal of three new armor sets that can be earned from ritual activities, an interview with the fireteam that cleared the revived Crota’s End raid first, and details for a little contest for those who bought themselves the Tesselation exotic.

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