Overwatch 2 kicks off its single-player Hero Mastery mode with a limited-time event


After a not-at-all-great August, during which Overwatch 2 came out on Steam and was crushed by player reviews and negative publicity, Blizzard is hoping for a turnaround of sorts this month as it debuts a new game mode for its popular team shooter.

But unlike the PvP focus that players encounter elsewhere in the game, Overwatch 2’s Hero Mastery is a single-player PvE mode. Blizzard explains: “The objective for Hero Mastery is to race through an action-packed course filled with training bots, obstacles, and jump pads as you race for the finish line. It’ll test your skills and limitations across training courses for Mercy, Reinhardt, and Tracer, with Sojourn and Winston coming later this Season. Your score is based on how fast you reach the finish line, how many enemy bots you defeat, and how many Emblems you collect throughout the course.”

The studio is welcoming the Hero Mastery mode with a limited-time event through September 25th. If players can beat certain challenges, they’ll earn weapon a charm, souvenir, spray, and title for their trouble.

And later this month on September 19th, Overwatch 2 will be celebrating its first anniversary with a number of other game modes, new challenges, and returning legendary skins.

Source: Overwatch 2, press release
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