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The Stream Team: Entering Nexon’s looter shooter The First Descendant

It's time for MOP's Chris to get his best sci-fantasy gun and go out hunting! He's hopping in to the recently launched multiplayer looter...

The First Descendant talks up new characters, ultimate weapons, and tools to make the perfect build

We're only days away from the global launch of Nexon's looter shooter The First Descendant, which means that fans might already be considering their...

SGF 2024: Hands-on with The First Descendant, plus a chat with the Nexon devs

You thought our Summer Game Fest coverage was over, didn't you? Well, in all fairness, Nexon not only brought The First Descendant to SGF but provided...

The Stream Team: Backseat Streaming previews Nexon’s The First Descendant

What can MOP's Chris and MJ do when they're not able to playtest a game? Find someone willing to provide footage for them to...

Destiny 2 dates the start of several activities and crowns its world first raid winner

Got a calendar handy? You might want to, especially if you're a Destiny 2 player because Bungie's weekly newsletter has got some dates for...

SGF 2024: The First Descendant confirms a July 2 launch date in new cinematic trailer

There were no shortage of shooter titles showcased during this year's Summer Game Fest presentation, but there was one that we have been paying...

Destiny 2 adds new PvP maps and makes most of its expansions temporarily free-to-play

Have you memorized pretty much every single PvP battlefield that Destiny 2 has to offer? Then make some room in your brain because there...

The First Descendant preps final test May 25 on Steam ahead of global summer launch

The days of testing for Nexon's multiplayer sci-fantasy looter shooter The First Descendant are coming to an end. Or at least that's presumably what's...

Destiny 2 opens the Pantheon boss rush mode for players in latest update

This week is opening the opportunity for Destiny 2 players to become Godslayers. That's the rather dramatic hook for the game's latest update, which...

Destiny 2 moves group finder out of beta and confirms Into the Light’s permanent content

The weekly Destiny 2 newsletter is once again about the future of the online FPS, specifically offering some advanced looks and important dates for...

Warframe releases to iOS devices today, complete with cross-play and cross-platform save features

Today is the day when Warframe makes a big leap on to a smaller screen, as the action multiplayer looter shooter is now available...
Destined even further.

Destiny 2 director Joe Blackburn vacates his position for ‘a new adventure outside the walls of Bungie’

After nearly a decade of working at Bungie and four years as game director of Destiny 2, Joe Blackburn has left his position, moving...

Not So Massively: It’s okay that Redfall is just okay

I rarely let myself get too hyped for unreleased games, but I was keeping one eye on the vampire-hunting online FPS Redfall. When it...

Destiny 2 expands its fireteam finder beta to all activities and accentuates the positives of its 2023

The year's end for Destiny 2 was definitely not the brightest for Bungie, but the studio is electing to look at the bright side...

Destiny 2 plans beta testing of expanded fireteam finder December 6, discusses PvP events, and opens its new dungeon

Last week saw Destiny 2 begin its first steps toward proliferation of its fireteam finder function with a raid finder stress test. That test...

Destiny 2 swiftly stops sales of a baffling Starter Pack after players drag Bungie for the bundle

What do you think would be included in a Starter Pack for Destiny 2? Do you envision some currency? Perhaps access to an expansion...

Warframe previews new weapon, new character, and new areas coming in December’s Whispers in the Walls

The month of December is dropping a whole lot of new things on Warframe players. That's because the sci-fantasy looter shooter is getting another...
Thanks, I hate it.

Destiny 2 shares Season 23 class and mod updates, preps raid group finder test for November 30

Season of the Wish is now only days away from releasing to Destiny 2 players, which means that Bungie has a lot of updates...

Destiny 2 details Season of the Wish’s weapon, reward adjustments, and next dungeon launch date

Destiny 2's community team is continuing to try to make its players focus on November 28th's Season of the Wish arrival and less on...

Destiny 2 outlines upcoming changes to exotic focusing costs, weapons, and armor

This week's Destiny 2 newsletter is mostly for the PvPers again, as the vast majority of its digital ink is spent on mid-season updates...