Destiny 2 reintroduces Crota’s End raid, readies another Iron Banner, and heralds Stasis focus for Season 23


Most of the stuff coming out of Destiny 2 for the week is primarily returning content, as the FPS reopened the Crota’s End raid and confirmed the return of Iron Banner, both of which are the major headlines out of the looter shooter’s newsletter.

Naturally, Bungie’s main focus was on Crota’s End, with the raid’s return starting off with a world’s first race and its subsequent 48-hour contest mode. The former has already crowned a champion fireteam and all of the related rewards, while the latter offered players with the power level and the bravery a guaranteed Necrochasm exotic weapon drop. Those who beat the raid before certain dates will be given the option to purchase unique Crota’s End-themed merch from the Bungie Store. Yahoo.

For players who want rewards above and beyond a crunchy-looking rifle and the opportunity to give Bungie more money, there’s Iron Banner’s return starting on September 5th. The opening week of the PvP mode brings back a pair of weapon rewards in the form of the Guiding Sight scout rifle, which has now been made a Strand weapon, and the Point of the Stag bow, which now has random rolls. The possible perks for both weapons is listed in the newsletter, along with dates for subsequent Iron Banners and the game modes playable in all three weeks.

Finally, the newsletter confirms that Season 23 is going to zero in on Stasis powers, with Stasis-focused perks in the seasonal artifact and changes to existing Stasis abilities on deck. More details on what Season 23 brings for frost-wielding Guardians are forthcoming.

sources: press release, official site, Twitter
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