SWTOR creates outfits ‘inspired by’ the new Ahsoka Disney+ series


Just because Star Wars: The Old Republic and the current era of Disney TV series are separated by thousands of years in-universe doesn’t mean they can’t cross over, right? That’s the spirit of SWTOR’s marketing arm, which announced that it’s featuring a new outfit inspired by the recent Ahsoka series.

“To celebrate the release of Star Wars: Ahsoka on Disney+, an armor set and lightsabers inspired by the beloved character will be debuting in Game Update 7.3.1,” Broadsword said. The studio said that the outfit would be sold in the Cartel Market alongside another similarly inspired outfit for Grand Admiral Thrawn.

Something else coming with this month’s update is the start of Galactic Season 5. The studio is shaking things up with this season by deploying a new type of storytelling to go along with players’ progress.

“In this season’s story, ‘Confidence in Power,’ players will meet an astromech named 3V-1L, a peculiar droid who serves a mysterious Master. 3V-1L will test the player through a series of trials, to see if they are worthy of the Master’s teachings of the ‘dark side.’ Whether this is a prank or a serious threat, the player must decide how deeply they will commit to these ‘dark’ trials to uncover the truth.”

Source: SWTOR, 2
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