Multiplayer survival shooter Vigor announces plans for a Steam early access launch in May


Do you remember Vigor? It’s a multiplayer shooter from Bohemia Interactive set in a post-war 1991 Norway where players have to scrounge, survive, and… well, shoot at people. The game first made its appearance at E3 2018, when it was an Xbox One exclusive, after which it proliferated to other consoles in 2020. And now it’s finally moving to PC, starting with an early access launch on Steam this May.

According to the game’s Steam page, Vigor is planning to be in early access for three months as the studio adapts the console shooter to the PC platform. Getting into early access will require the purchase of a $20 “Reinforcements Pack” that also bundles in multiple consumables, weapons, ammo, and a couple of cosmetics. As for playable content, early adopters of the PC version will be able to enjoy the content of the recent Isolation season as well as try out the improved gunplay mechanics that the studio has been working on.

When Vigor does launch on PC, it will do so as a free-to-play title, with plans to add cross-platform play later in the year. So if you happen to be among those looking for another DayZ-like from the studio that actually brought you DayZ, you will soon have that option.

sources: press release, Steam, official site (1, 2)
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