Runes of Magic drops its high-level Shadows over the Altar update this week


At 15 years old, Runes of Magic has to keep working hard to retain player interest and challenge those who think that they’ve seen and done everything. To wit, the studio is pushing out its latest entry in the “Timeless Dungeon” series on April 25th with the Shadows over the Altar update.

In this patch, level 100 players will take on a reworked version of Mystic Altar in the hopes of defeating seven bosses and bringing home all of their plunder.

“In groups with a maximum size of 12 players, Runes of Magic’s brave warriors must fight their way to the top in order to dispel darkness. Brand-new boss, Aukuda the Hero, stands in the player’s way, along with bosses such as Razeela, Dorlos, and the Flaming Nightmare, who return stronger than ever on an endgame difficulty,” the studio said.

Source: Press release, Runes of Magic
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