Legends of Aria indefinitely delays patch, works on experimental server instead


We’ve certainly been wondering what’s happened to Legends of Aria, which went really quiet in the early part of 2021 here. The last we heard, Citadel Studios had promised some sort of update or announcement for this fantasy MMO while working on a survival RPG called The End.

Well, wait no longer: Citadel just posted an immediate roadmap for Legends of Aria’s development, saying that while the small team’s been “hindered” during the pandemic year, it has a few items of note to share — and it’s not all good news.

The studio announced that it’s delaying the Point 11 patch (with work on Outlands, Necromancy, and pet skills) “indefinitely” due to temporary downsizing. Instead, Citadel polled the community and is refocusing on other areas, such as revisiting the faction system and opening the community admin program to the public.

Legends of Aria is also going to get an “experimental server” called The Forge that will be smaller and offer a more meaningful experience. “To prepare for the launch of this server, we will be revisiting the map of Celador and creating a smaller, more intimate play area designed to encourage cooperation,” Citadel said.

Source: Legends of Aria. Thanks Squid!
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