Whatever happened to Legends of Aria?


The last time Legends of Aria studio Citadel made a formal announcement, it was two months ago, and it was an apology, as the team made amends for what it called its “lack of communication” during the pandemic, most explicitly on Point Release 11. “[O]ur work on Legends of Aria has continued to the greatest degree possible,” Citadel wrote, “and […] with the coming of the new year, we’ll be back to our typical rate of development with some new and very exciting developments to announce.”

It looks as if most of the chatter has been in Discord over the last few months; the most recent discussions revolve around the return of the game’s community manager, who was on leave for the last month or so.

“I’m getting briefed on everything that’s been going on, been a few months since I was up to speed on what’s happening,” CM Liz wrote. “But I’ll work on getting an announcement out to yous guys ASAP. Probably won’t be today, not sure how much there is to fill me in on. But shooting for super soon. Prolly tomorrow-ish.”

The downside here is that we do know Citadel is working on another game – a Viking-themed multiplayer survival RPG called The End – and that Aria’s small population has only continued to smallen. From the sounds of the game’s Reddit, however, it sounds as if people who are still playing the game are having a ball over on the officially sanctioned player-run server known as Legends of Ultima, which is still seeing regular events and updates.

As for fans of the base game, you’ll just have to wait for the impending announcement.

Source: Discord
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