Legends of Aria apologizes for COVID-related update and communication delays, shares details for Season 7


Season 7 is underway in Legends of Aria. This would likely be welcome news for most players but it’s also possible that they were looking more forward to Point Release 11 and have otherwise been concerned about a lapse in communication and updates on that front. The latest post from Citadel Studio has an explanation, and yes, it’s because of COVID-19.

“We’d like to take the time to apologize for the teams lack of communication in recent months. In light of the ongoing pandemic, this period has been challenging for the team and no doubt for the community during such difficult times. The combination of typical pandemic pressures, lack of access to our studio, losing key members through illness and a desire to protect the well-being and health of our team, we have been forced to burn a little cooler and this has resulted in inevitable delays.

“Point Release 11 has unfortunately suffered from such a delay. We would like to reassure and remind everyone that our work on Legends of Aria has continued to the greatest degree possible and that with the coming of the new year, we’ll be back to our typical rate of development with some new and very exciting developments to announce.”

As for the aforementioned new season, players can take on dynamic spawns, enjoy the seasonal Chaos Zone of the Misty Caverns, and chase after some horrifying-looking masks as part of the monthly seasonal reward for PvE and PvP tasks. In addition, Crimson Sea players can now transfer their characters over to the Ethereal Moon server with the latest update.

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