Full-loot PvP MMORPG sandbox Mortal Online 2 officially launches today


Mortal Online 2 is officially live today, as StarVault pulls it from its early access to launch. Readers will recall that the game was first announced almost three years ago as a sequel and reboot of 2010 MMORPG Mortal Online; it set out to be a realism simulator rather than a combat simulator and saw some elements of the first game – and players’ wealth within it – move to the new one.

Core features include a ground-up open-world housing system, action combat, crafting, over 600 skills, and a world StarVault says has over six times the playable space as the original MMO. And you’ll need all that space for running away from all the people who want to kill you and yoink all your stuff, as yes, this is an open PvP MMO with full loot.

There’s a hefty day-one patch included with today’s release, with new bosses and mobs, improved facial customization, and more dungeons (no patch notes yet though). If you’re planning to jump in, expect to plunk down $39.99 on Steam, and then a subscription after the first month.

We’ll be streaming the game tomorrow as well as releasing our hands-on impressions with the game in our Fight or Kite column, so stay tuned!

Source: Press release, Steam
It’s not just you; the servers still aren’t up.

As of noon, the devs say the ETA is 1 p.m. EST.

And it’s finally up – along with those patch notes.
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