Geodia is a top-down pixel art ‘2-D HD’ MMORPG headed to Kickstarter soon


A new MMO has begun making the rounds on Reddit by the name of Geodia, which promises a pixel art, top down, old-school MMORPG gaming experience when it makes its full release.

Geodia comes from Texas-based indie Science Night Studios, which in one of its more informative posts describes the game as a “2-D HD MMORPG” with class-based mechanics, repeatable game modes, a full campaign at launch, and a total of 12 classes – three tanks, four supports, and five DPS. On the subject of class mechanics, the post describes an interplay between classes that can have a big impact on encounters not unlike hero shooter synergies.

Timing for this game’s release isn’t tied down, but the studio’s CEO says work is ongoing and is at a point where some visuals can be shown off. Meanwhile, a Kickstarter campaign is planned soon, though once more timing for that release hasn’t been announced yet. The game and its studio also has no social media presence and no website right now – only a CEO who would like people to notice his game.

sources: Reddit (1, 2), Kickstarter
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