Localized tooltips appear to have leaked New World’s next weapon


The recent season two patch for New World also brought with it a bit of a spoiler for the fall season: The next weapon due to be added to the game. Spoilers are ahead, obviously, so turn away now if you’d like to wait for an official announcement.

Attribute tooltips in the game’s French and Italian clients now make mention of a flail alongside all the weapons currently in the game. It scales off strength primarily, with focus as its secondary attribute. We knew from previous announcements that the next weapon would be a supportive weapon that scales off focus, so one can assume the flail will work much like the current void gauntlet, with focus as a secondary stat for damage but the primary scaler for healing.

Fans are also speculating that this may be the second weapon to be paired with a shield, following the long sword, but there’s no confirmation on that as of yet.

A mace or flail with holy abilities has been one of the most-requested weapons by the fanbase for a long time, and when a new focus weapon was announced, flail was considered the prime candidate, so this isn’t the most surprising revelation in the world. Indeed, our own New World columnist predicted this very weapon at the end of last year. Still, it should be exciting news for the paladin-enjoyers of the world.

Source: reddit
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