TitanReach devs admit their Kickstarter is doomed, plan Indiegogo instead

Remember when the worst thing this game did was nonsense about avoiding auction houses?

You might have noticed that the Kickstarter for “old school” MMORPG Titan Reach has just a few days to go and yet has raised only $125,000 of its $421,578 goal. Sydney-based Square Root Studios isn’t oblivious to this reality, either, and in fact the team has already posted plans for its next steps.

“Unfortunately, we must deal with the fact that our Kickstarter campaign is not going to reach its goal. With less than 3 days left and more than 70% of the goal still to raise, it would be unrealistic to imagine otherwise,” the studio says. “However, this will not be the end of TitanReach. We have learnt a lot from the last month, and we will continue to develop the game with these lessons in mind.”

The new plan is to launch an Indiegogo campaign two months from now, with a goal of $200,000 AUD (about $143,000 US), specifically to develop the game’s demo into a full alpha.

“Firstly, we are now going to fund the project incrementally by only asking for the resources needed to develop an alpha version of the game. We will then look for further funding once the alpha is complete. This allows the cost of the project to be spread out, and also allows us to demonstrate more clearly what is being given in return for your support. Secondly, we know that many people felt that the Kickstarter rewards were not worth their cost. We will be working with the community to review all the rewards available during Kickstarter. We hope that adding better rewards, for better value, especially in the lower brackets, will incentivise more people to support the game. Finally, we will be working hard to ensure that information about the game is readily available. We will use our new website as a central location to share news, previews and developer blogs. These features, alongside other content will be shared on social platforms as well as our discord. We will be putting a much larger priority on advertising from here on.”

Source: Kickstarter
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