Indie MMO TitanReach needs funding soon or ‘it’s all over’

You're really reaching.

Titan Reach, the self-proclaimed “social” MMO (versus all of those anti-social ones out there), is looking to an alternate source of income after a failed Kickstarter campaign this past fall.

The dev team put up a new store that allows fans to stock up all sorts of rewards, including pets, cosmetics, alpha access, name reservations, and the ability to name NPCs. Well, you can buy the credits to buy these items later, at least, as the actual purchasable rewards aren’t implemented quite yet.

There’s a real note of desperation in this announcement, as the Aussie team said that it’s do-or-die time for the game’s finances:

“This is the last hoo-rah for us, if we don’t get enough funds to cover our development through Jan and Feb until we acquire real funding, then it’s all over. Without funding now, we can not cover the costs of continued development (server and software costs) and the team will fall apart […] If we do not hit the funding we need by January 5th, 2021 (in the order of $30k USD), we will refund everyone’s money and close the game down.”

As MMO players will recall, the game went to Kickstarter this past fall but failed to secure its $421,578 ask. The team said it would attempt an Indiegogo next; in response to our article on crowdfunding, the team also insisted that the Indiegogo would be fixed-funding rather than flexible-funding. At the time, the plan was for that Indiegogo to go live two months later, which would’ve been last week.

As you ponder that, you can also check out a specialized dev blog that was posted to share Titan Reach’s server technologies and infrastructure with other similar game projects.

Source: Titan Reach

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I thought the game was kind of fun as a niche project early on when I was a part of the discord but it seemed like the devs bit off too much too soon. A pretty common mistake even with larger scale mmos back in the day that also fell to the wayside. I want to say I hope they get their funding but at the same time I also want them to learn from this and move on to something a tad bit more realistic.


I guess I’m just not seeing a path forward for this game either way.

Even if their backers cover their current shortfall, how are they going to sustain this? Is there a business plan besides just asking for more money? If this “real funding” is out there waiting for them two months from now, why is it not yet in place – what exactly is going to change if players foot the bill through February?

Jack Tyme

Don’t fund them, let it die. To many medieval games. Saturated with swords, princesses, dragons etc. These games that come out its like the devs don’t think outside the box. Or maybe they deliberately release these games as temporary avenues that lead to cash grabs.

Who knows.


To many medieval games out now, let this sht die.


Hope folks learn the lesson that crowdfunded MMOs are a waste of money. They are just to expensive and take to long to make for this type of ‘small potatoes’ investments.

These days, MMOs need major staff and major funding to even have a chance at success. Indie staffing and funding just does not cut it.

ante b

Refund & close seems reasonable.