OrbusVR’s newest update introduces a revamped player house and tutorial


The latest patch to OrbusVR isn’t adding too much new exactly, but what it is adding includes some revamps to existing features, so it’s almost like they’re new. You could call them refurbished to the point that it’s almost like a wholesale replacement. Basically, there’s still an impact being made.

That impact can be felt when players step into their newfangled house with a new layout, better textures, and eight new unlockable slots in housing furniture chests to make the new larger house a new larger home.

Another major impact is the refreshed new player experience, with a new character creator, new tutorial instance that promises a more comprehensive tutorial questline, a series of guiding lights to help fresh arrivals along, and a “pre-MSQ” questline that starts up after the tutorial is completed aimed at helping players to both level up quickly and learn a few other useful tips and tricks.

That’s not to say that this patch isn’t full of something all-new, as there’s now a new quest from the barmaid at Highsteppe Tavern that will introduce players to some new faces, so while there’s not much new in the patch, there’s a lot of like-new things to experience.

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