Aion EU previews update 8.2’s features, Aion NA celebrates rainbow snakes


Depending on which part of the globe you play Aion, you’re getting a pretty different experience. That’s been known for a while now, but it’s no more obviously illustrated with today’s news, which has a content showcase for the EU version and a returning event involving rainbow snakes in the NA version.

For Aion EU players, there’s a preview of patch 8.2, which will introduce a harder version of Heart of Aphsaranta (and subsequently makes the current version the easy mode), new corps leaders and a new corps season quest, and updates to posting quests like new rewards for completing various levels of posting quests and the ability to take up more posting quests at certain corps glory levels.

Meanwhile in Aion NA, the Rainbow Snake Festival is back once again, which lets players choose a desired buff from the great serpent’s disciples and then collect a special Chromatic Gift bundle after playing for an hour. The bundle in question has a chance at various goodies like cosmetics, weapon boxes, boost items, and dyes. The celebration of Hiss Greatness runs between now and Wednesday, May 4th.

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