OrbusVR shows off its improved player housing


Your house (in OrbusVR) is a very very very fine house (fine house). It’s getting even finer with the game’s next patch, which may or may not add multiple cats in the yard but will definitely include a variety of functional and layout changes to the house itself. It’s extensive enough that the game’s developers have put together a full preview of the three-floor structure and all the functionality contained therein. Of course, the preview includes decorations players may or may not have in their homes, but it should give you an idea of what the final version will look like.

The full house has three floors containing such useful areas as the dragon breeding station, the transmog wardrobe (complete with vanity mirror), and the training room. It’s quite extensive. The patch will also contain a new tutorial for first-time players as well as a new story questline, but the preview is all about the player house so you can scope it out ahead of the patch on April 5th.

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