Massively OP’s 2020 Awards: Best MMO Event of 2020

MassivelyOP’s end-of-the-year awards for 2020 continue today with our award for Best MMO Event of 2020, which was awarded last year to
Are you, like... doing all right?

Guild Wars 2 offers free promotional items as part of Suicide Prevention Month

September is Suicide Prevention Month, which is not really an event that you celebrate in the conventional sense. It's an event worthy of note, however,...

Guild Wars 2 has a bunch of sweet anniversary gifts in store for MMO players next week

It's hard to believe Guild Wars 2 is going on eight years old, but we'll roll with it if it means a pile...

Black Desert adds the Skill UI update and new male hairstyles, mobile adds Awakenings and the Wardrobe

Black Desert is a game of two parts for me: wondering what skills to use and trying to muddle through its weird UI,...

Lord of the Rings Online’s latest update sweetens the subscription deal

With the wedding of Arwen and Aragorn and the massive festival quest going on in Lord of the Rings Online right now, it'd...

The Daily Grind: Outside of superhero MMOs, which game has the best visual customization?

Not all MMORPGs are created equal, and some offer far better fashion and visual customization options than others. Even so, games with more limited...

PlanetSide 2 enlists in the next bout of Outfit Wars

What's the point of going to war if you can't be fashionable while you do it? Oh, wait, that's not what we're talking about...
Jenna playing ESO

It turns out that YouTube megastar Jenna Marbles is an Elder Scrolls Online junkie

Sometimes, our favourite things collide in weird and wonderful ways, and today is one of those days. At the time of writing, YouTube...

Torchlight III’s latest alpha update focuses on achievements, interface, and polish

The jury is still out on Torchlight III - how MMOsy it'll be in the end, and whether people will like...
She has ideas.

Perfect Ten: The best value MMOs in 2020

While there is nothing wrong with dropping some money on a worthy game, many of us are looking to be as frugal as possible...
It's a killer

Albion Online has officially deployed the Queen update today

It's the eighth major update for post-launch Albion Online, Major Outlands rework makes living there feel pretty fine! Hideouts for guilds there, three new towns...
ring ring ring

World of Warcraft brings the Feast of Winter Veil around once again

It's beginning to look a lot like red jumpsuits on Dwarves in World of Warcraft as the Feast of Winter Veil returns once...
Good job, guy!

Red Dead Online’s next update will let players become a moonshiner

Alcohol is something of a necessary evil in the Wild West of Red Dead Online, but most of the time the hard stuff...

Villagers and Heroes re-opens Halloween zone with Blighted Isles expansion

The latest update to Villagers & Heroes is offering a whole lot of goodies for players if these patch notes are...

Hands-on: Neverwinter post-Uprising is a mixed bag for newbies and vets

A long time ago, for a few months after it launched, I was an avid Neverwinter player. I loved its visceral combat, and...

Albion Online removes tons of items from its marketplace in advance of its wardrobe system

The latest patch for Albion Online is a bit frustrating in the sense that most patches add things. Today's patch is mostly

Guild Wars 2’s seventh anniversary gifts are being wrapped for you

What's the oldest character you have on Guild Wars 2? That's a more pertinent question than in other MMORPGs, as elderly characters benefit...

Here’s how Neverwinter’s appearance system is changing with Uprising next month

Wardrobe, costumes, outfits, A-tab, cosmetics, transmog: Whatever you call it, most serious MMOs have some kind of system that separates a character's visual appearance...

Villagers & Heroes’ massive A Tale of Earth and Sea expansion launches Shamans and much more today

Indie MMORPG Villagers & Heroes has officially launched its summer expansion, and if you're a fan of underrated and under-the-radar MMOs, this is...

Fight or Kite: Albion Online’s Percival update is for the solo players out there

This week we saw a nice patch released for the world of Albion Online with its Percival update. It’s largely a general quality-of-life...