Gamigo shuffles out RIFT’s old Hellbugs event for the Lunar New Year weekend

Gamigo's been a bit of a mess the last couple of months, and by all accounts RIFT's last community manager was let go earlier...

Lost Ark invites you to Wreck the Halls as it fights bots with tomorrow’s update

Why deck the halls when you can wreck 'em in Lost Ark's holiday update tomorrow? "The road to Brelshaza concludes tomorrow, when the cunning and...

Lost Ark’s December update preps the Summoner class and a winter wardrobe

Deck the halls? Nay, wreck the halls, says Lost Ark! Amazon's MMOARPG is preparing one final content update for the year with another class,...

Massively Overthinking: Would you do hard MMO content without rewards?

Are you here for the challenge or here for the shinies? That's the core question the MOP team and audience is tackling this week...
Fight me, coward.

The Daily Grind: Do you prefer costumes over transmog in MMOs?

You know what's an interesting feature that both Elder Scrolls Online and Guild Wars 2 share? They both offer two different approaches to dressing...

Guild Wars 2 celebrates a decade online with 16M players, Steam launch, and birthday gifts

Guild Wars 2's anniversary hoopla and Steam rollout are underway today as planned, and it's got plenty of gifts in store. We checked out the...

The Daily Grind: How much time do you spend inventory-fussing in MMOs?

A few weeks back, Lord of the Rings Online puts its crafting carry-alls on sale for 75% off. It's over now, so don't go...

Aion NA adds a wardrobe system, a normal version of Heart of Apsaranta, and several dungeon tweaks

Good news for Daevas with a passion for fashion: The NA version of Aion is bringing a wardrobe function in the 8.2 update, which...

Aion NA teases an early May release for 8.2 and its new wardrobe system

Aion fans in North America are gearing up for the game's next update, 8.2, which is set to launch early next month. What's in...

OrbusVR shows off its improved player housing

Your house (in OrbusVR) is a very very very fine house (fine house). It's getting even finer with the game's next patch, which may or...

LOTRO Legendarium: Exploring LOTRO Update 32’s Angle of Mitheithel

Even after a decade-and-a-half of constant expansion, Lord of the Rings Online's Middle-earth has more left to show us than is currently on the...

Final Fantasy XI adds more storage and story with its newest update

The good news for Final Fantasy XI players is that the most recent patch is adding more storage space for players. The bad news is...

Hands-on: Lost Ark is a solid MMO that falls just short of true greatness

After years of waiting, the MMOARPG Lost Ark launches in the west today, at least for those who bought founder's packs. The rest of...

The MOP Up: Aion Classic adds the wardrobe and Abyss treasure room

Aion Classic's 1.8 update arrived this past week, which added the Abyss treasure room, the wardrobe system, fortress siege changes, quest progression, and more...
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Final Fantasy XI’s February version update has more story, more levels, and more stuff to sell you

Good news, Final Fantasy XI fans! Producer Akihiko Matsui is happy to announce that February's patch will solve your storage woes... by letting you...
Where does the time go?

Albion Online brings back the Carnival Challenge for the month of February

What's that jovial music you hear in the air? Why is that jester sneaking around behind that knight in the picture above? Why, it...
Sure, whatever.

Aion Classic’s patch 1.8 adds treasure rooms and wardrobes to the game

Hearing that your fortress contains a treasure room probably sounds like a good time. It's a room full of treasure, that's valuable stuff, you...

Epic MMO Battles, post-apocalyptic edition: Fallout 76 vs. Fallen Earth

It just struck me over this past weekend that we post-apocalyptic fans are now blessed with two solid and intriguing online RPGs to enjoy....

The Stream Team: AdventureQuest 3D’s Darkest Black Friday yet

Massively OP's MJ may exude sunshine and smiles, but she loves the darkness! And AQ3D calls this Black Friday its darkest ever. That means...

The Daily Grind: What cosmetic option do you like to have on all of your MMO characters?

Yes, we all know that the true "endgame" of any MMORPG is looking fabulous through fashion -- and thus the constant search for better...