Hands-on: Neverwinter post-Uprising is a mixed bag for newbies and vets

A long time ago, for a few months after it launched, I was an avid Neverwinter player. I loved its visceral combat, and to...

Albion Online removes tons of items from its marketplace in advance of its wardrobe system

The latest patch for Albion Online is a bit frustrating in the sense that most patches add things. Today's patch is mostly taking things...

Guild Wars 2’s seventh anniversary gifts are being wrapped for you

What's the oldest character you have on Guild Wars 2? That's a more pertinent question than in other MMORPGs, as elderly characters benefit from...

Here’s how Neverwinter’s appearance system is changing with Uprising next month

Wardrobe, costumes, outfits, A-tab, cosmetics, transmog: Whatever you call it, most serious MMOs have some kind of system that separates a character's visual appearance...

Villagers & Heroes’ massive A Tale of Earth and Sea expansion launches Shamans and much more today

Indie MMORPG Villagers & Heroes has officially launched its summer expansion, and if you're a fan of underrated and under-the-radar MMOs, this is one...

Fight or Kite: Albion Online’s Percival update is for the solo players out there

This week we saw a nice patch released for the world of Albion Online with its Percival update. It’s largely a general quality-of-life update...

Villagers & Heroes devs preview more of A Tale of Earth and Sea’s features

If I may be so bold, I'd like to nominate Villagers & Heroes: A Tale of Earth and Sea as one of the finest...

The Game Archaeologist: The Chronicles of Spellborn

Hey! Hey you! Yeah, you the I'm-so-bored-with-all-of-these-MMOs gamer! You've been grousing about for years how MMOs never take risks, never innovate, and are merely...

Global Chat: Anthem makes first contact with gamers

The game on everyone's mind this month definitely has to be BioWare's Anthem. The studio's first new IP in a long time is a...

The Stream Team: Grinding ice in AdventureQuest 3D

Massively OP's MJ fancies the frozen barbarian armor in AQ3D's Frostlorn Keep. However, to get it she needs to run quite a few challenge...

Rockstar partners with fashion label for Red Dead Redemption 2-inspired fashion line

If the release of Red Dead Redemption 2 (and as of this week, Red Dead Online) has you wanting a little more wild west...

One Shots: A star is born

It's time for another amazing Fashion Week here at One Shots! It's like Shark Week, only with sleeker looks and less chum. Last time,...

LOTRO Legendarium: Six ways to prep for legendary servers

With progression servers on the way for... sometime... this month, many players (myself included) are planning out their brand-new adventures through Middle-earth. There's certainly...

Happy sixth birthday, Guild Wars 2 – so what did they get us??

Got any day-one Guild Wars 2 toons? Log them in and pick up your six-year birthday presents starting today. It's all part of ArenaNet's...

Guild Wars 2 living world AMA on beetles, Joko, PvP, fractals, raids, and just what the heck happened last week

Team ArenaNet descended on Reddit last night to chat about all things - what else - Guild Wars 2. But if you haven't got...
Everything's cool out here. Like, emotionally.

RIFT hands out free progression server vault space

Have you ever gotten excited about a game issue or MMO extended downtime because you know that there's a good chance that you will...

Perfect Ten: MMO features that help players express individuality

When you play a single-player game, you automatically feel quite special and unique. You are, after all, the very centerpiece that the entire game...
We're not dead yet.

RIFT datamining uncovers new decorations, items, and damage values for Prime

Datamining: the time-honored practice of digging things out from the client files for a game that hasn't yet been put into the game. RIFT...

Guild Wars 2 has completely overhauled gathering tools with glyph upgrades and wardrobe implementation

A couple of weeks ago, a nasty patch bug borked up harvesting tools in Guild Wars 2. Hardest hit were the endless-use versions that...
Look flashy.

RIFT implements wardrobe changes to allow for more reasonable appearance unlocks

Another patch is soon to arrive in RIFT to bring some improvements to the game's Wardrobe system. Moving forward, any items which are bound...