Aion Classic’s patch 1.8 adds treasure rooms and wardrobes to the game

Sure, whatever.

Hearing that your fortress contains a treasure room probably sounds like a good time. It’s a room full of treasure, that’s valuable stuff, you could make use of it! And that’s absolutely the case with the treasure rooms added with the latest patch for Aion Classic, with the slight wrinkle that your faction needs to control the associated fortress to enter these particular treasure rooms. That’s all right, though, as the patch also contains changes to fortress sieges so you now have more rewards for successfully capturing a fortress.

You no longer have any rewards for successfully defending one, as it is apparently assumed that having access to a treasure room is reward enough.

The patch also adds a wardrobe feature to the game, allowing players to register items and change appearance based on what’s stored within said wardrobe, complete with dye options. So that’s like a personal treasure room to make you look outstanding. Check out the full patch notes for all of the changes coming to the game with patch 1.8.

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