Old School RuneScape previews a new runecraft minigame, unleashes League III patch


Those who pursue the skill line of runecrafting in Old School RuneScape can probably appreciate that leveling the skill is a pretty arduous endeavor. With the introduction of the Guardians of the Rift minigame, however, Jagex is hoping to provide “a fun, narratively exciting new minigame that serves as a brand-new method for training runecraft.”

In the minigame, runecrafters will be tasked with entering a location known as the Temple of the Eye and defending a Great Guardian as it tries to close a maleficent portal. This is achieved by charging the Guardian with imbued essence while also creating Rift and Shield Guardians to defend the Great Guardian from enemy attacks; players won’t be attacked by monsters and combat doesn’t happen in the temple. Successful completion of the minigame grants elemental and catalytic energy points that can be used to reach into an abyssal rift for a variety of random rewards.

The entire minigame, like most things OSRS-related, is a bit more in-depth than that, so players will want to read the full details for more.

Today’s update, in the meantime, tackles issues with League III.

“It’s been great seeing so many of you getting stuck into our third League, Shattered Relics! We’re seeing some seriously powerful Fragment and Set Effect combinations, and we’re glad you’re thoroughly enjoying the extra strategy involved this time. We’ve also seen feedback suggesting that the few restrictions in place are too limiting, and that the best Fragments and Set Effects take too long to obtain. We’d like to alleviate these concerns somewhat by rebalancing the Renown cost required to unlock new skills and bosses. Those of you who’ve already unlocked this stuff will have the difference refunded. By opening any Leagues interface this will be applied with the amount shown in the chatbox. Happy spending! We’d also like to rebalance some task requirements that are not realistically achievable in the time that Shattered Relics League will be available.”

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