Whatever happened to ‘nostalgic’ 2-D MMO Kakele Online?


If you are thirsty for some old school MMO vibes in a more modern package and don’t mind dipping into the shallow end of the population pool, then Kakele Online may be worth a look. This free-to-play cross-platform 2-D MMO bills itself as a “nostalgic” experience with no pay-to-win elements and a pretty cute pixel art style.

Kakele Online released in February 2020, with a Steam launch taking place a year later in April 2021. Since then, it’s been pumping out a couple meaty updates every year.

Last August introduced Update 4.5 with the Dwarven mountains and a bestiary system, followed by Update 4.6 in December 2023 with the island of Saint Mardi and a redesigned cosmetic wardrobe system. As for this year, Update 4.7: The Island of Sohterra arrived back in April with a new zone, global wars system, task resets for free accounts, and improvements to the UI, map, and visuals.

Next month, Kakele is launching a new South American server named Cyan on July 5th with an associated event.

Source: Steam
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