VR MMO Orbus previews next week’s Highsteppe revamp


VR MMO Orbus has a big patch coming next week, when the Highsteppe map and the hub town of Patreayl will get a full revamp and a few side quests too. Ahead of the August 31st release, Ad Alternum Game Studios has posted a cutesy in-character dev blog about the revamp.

“Gone is the hodgepodge, ramshackle style of old Highsteppe,” the NPC says. “The raw timber and salvaged materials have been replaced city-wide with stone, glass and new wrought iron work crafted by our very own Master Smith.” It looks as if everything from the offices to the stonework has changed, suggesting both graphical and layout alterations. It still maintains the cartoony Orbus style, however.

“While the pathways through town have mostly remained the same, some unidentified person in city planning made the questionable decision to put a bank of new housing next to Mayor Kaia’s office, so all residents will now need to take the new tunnel off the bridge from the center tree in order to access the far side of town. This change has also created a dead-end alley behind Pierre Cenn’s Critter Capture shop, which no doubt will create a gathering place for the town’s riff-raff.”

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