OrbusVR plans new tutorials, chaos realm dungeons, and new missions and quests in the first half of 2022


VR MMO OrbusVR is looking to keep itself and its players busy through this year. A new roadmap for the first half of 2022 offers a look at what features players can look forward to over the coming months, with promise of new experiences, better onboarding for new arrivals, and more content to the game’s core mechanics.

In the first quarter of 2022, players can expect a renovation of player housing in Highsteppe, with overhauls of general aesthetics and housing layouts coming first and upgrades to the furniture system later in the year. Q1 will also bring a revamp of Orbus’ tutorial to reduce the game’s learning curve, and the addition of new quests and the return of Spring Fest.

The second quarter will introduce two new dungeons that take players into the chaos realm that will feature tentacle growths to dodge, all-new monsters to fight, and “trippy” bosses to take down. The devs are also working on some form of axe or knife throwing tavern games, adding new limited-duration tinkering items that can be used only one time, and even more new missions, quests, and returning events.

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