OrbusVR’s latest patch adds legendary shard cosmetics and overworld buildings with new quests


Nothing says world-wandering hero like a squirrel tail, a horned helmet, and a pet cat at your side. These are just some of the new cosmetics that OrbusVR has added in its latest patch. These new legendary shard cosmetics can only be found from drops in shard dungeons, but they might be particularly covetous since they include unique pieces like the aforementioned items as well as a raven pet, a set of demon horns, and some dragonfly wings.

The other major feature of this new patch is the addition of three new overworld buildings in the Lamavora, Hulthine’s Basin, and Flooded Rainforest zones. Each of these new buildings feature NPCs that will send players on some new sidequests for players to follow. Players who are looking for a bit more lore context of these new locales can read an in-universe newspaper that sets the scene.

source: official site (1, 2)
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