OrbusVR releases a new trailer to showcase the MMO’s features


How long is long enough before your MMORPG should have an updated trailer? Two years seems to be enough time for OrbusVR, as the devs at Ad Alternum Game Studios have decided their old trailer from April 2019 could do with a refresh.

As one might expect from an official trailer, the new video provides a look at combat from different perspectives, whether it’s melee, archery, or magic, while also granting a very brief look at more pastoral pursuits like fishing, all cut together with some animated adventurers in a tavern. For those who have been playing this unique VR MMORPG for a while, this new video likely holds no surprises, but it still might be fun to enjoy the updated footage below.

source: YouTube via Twitter

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Ardra Diva

to me VR is the natural medium for an MMO because of the sense of scale. However if you’re accustomed to playing it in 3rd person, that’s going to be quite an adjustment to play in 1st person (as VR should properly be).