Guild Wars 2 reveals the bunny-thumping Untamed, the Ranger’s End of Dragons elite spec

Today’s Guild Wars 2 End of Dragons elite spec reveal is going to be of particular note to Classic Guild Wars fans: It’s the Untamed, the Ranger’s new spec, and it’s going all-in on its allusions to the Kurzicks and Echovald Forest. The spec focuses on the rather unloved hammer weapon, which is also going to call to mind the old bunny-thumper Ranger builds from the classic game.

“Ancient forces of nature dwell within Echovald, and the Untamed have learned to channel them through the bond they share with their pets. Their earth-shaking hammer blows keep enemies dazed and off-balance, while their pets’ attacks are bolstered by raw primal energy. The power of nature flows back and forth between the Untamed and their animal companion, empowering their killing blows.”

The Untamed will be one of the specs up for testing on the third beta event, beginning October 26th, along with the Thief’s Specter.

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