Guild Wars 2 provides a tour of Shing Jea Island in latest livestream


Guild Wars 2 fans have to wait until February for End of Dragons to arrive. That seems like a long time. Hopefully, the latest Guild Chat livestream from ArenaNet, which offers players a look at the location of Shing Jea Island, will be enough to tide fans over until then. Or it’ll be something so pretty that it’ll make the wait that much harder. Whoops.

The stream offers a pretty in-depth look at the location, not only providing a preview of various locations in the island but also a few missions, events, and jumping puzzles that pop up along the way. The stream also provides some additional gameplay tidbits like anyone who doesn’t have gliding will receive the skill when they enter End of Dragons, and a look at a fight arena that players can walk into to test their new spec skills against NPC enemies. If you’ve got an hour and a lot of curiosity about Shing Jea Island, get comfortable and check out the full stream below.

source: YouTube

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I love that they’re unlocking gliding and some mounts in EoD itself so that new and returning players don’t need to go back to previous expansions to experience some of the fun of the new expansion! Rental mounts are still a great option, but being able to fully unlock mounts within current expansion will be a relief to a lot of players, I’m sure. I’m also happy to see the Kappa coming to GW2 and even more naga, despite them being annoying enemies. :p

The amount of tuturials they’re adding in for things I’ve seen feedback for over the years – breakbar, more dodge tutorials in the form of events, combo fields, jumping puzzles and different types of jumping – is also a welcome addition.

I was hoping they’d take a look at one of the many fishing spots I kept seeing around…

My only question after the stream is why doesn’t Nick want to wear glasses?? (lol)