Guild Wars 2 introduces the Thief’s End of Dragons elite spec, the scepter-wielding Specter

Now here’s a Guild Wars 2 elite specialization that’s perfectly suited for the Halloween season: the Specter. Announced this morning, the Specter is the Thief’s new spec coming in next year’s End of Dragons expansion. Your new weapon? The scepter. The Specter uses the scepter! No chance we’re going to misstype any of these words, nope.

“All thieves know the advantages of hiding in the shadows, but specters know how to wield them. They are masters of shadow magic, using their scepters to direc dark forces and debilitating enemies. In Shadow Shroud, Specters can tether themselves to allies, granting them a protective shadow barrier.”

Players will get to try out the Specter for themselves during the game’s next beta event starting October 26th.


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