The most important reveals from the Guild Wars 2 End of Dragons influencer sneak peak


Guild Wars 2 fans are so close to Cantha, they can practically smell the incense wafting out of Shing Jea Monastery. And yet there are still many unanswered questions in many fans’ minds.

The gates to Cantha – and the formal media embargo – won’t open for most players until February 28th, but ArenaNet is allowing its hand-selected influencers to dribble out some sneak peaks. We might be muzzled, but they aren’t, so we’ve rounded up some of the most interesting pieces! It should probably go without saying, but there will most definitely be spoilers in some of these – it’s literally all spoilers.

If you’ve been itching to get a good look at the whole map of Cantha, Wooden Potatoes has it all, with a lot of analysis and commentary of what everything is in the broader context of Guild Wars franchise lore. This is the first look we’ve had of the whole map and how Cantha is situated.

If you’re already tired of squinting at the map in that video, trying to glean every bit of info you can, Reddit user MrModius has already compiled it all for you here.

Quickly spliced together the new full world map from WoodenPotatoes’ footage from Guildwars2

Guild Wars 2 fanfic site Chronicles of Tyria has gathered some stunning screenshots and compiled them into a sort of tourist information center for the Isle of Reflection guild hall, Echovald Wilds, and New Kaineng City. Very fun and unique!

Rook was taken on a tour of New Kaineng City’s shining Garden of Enlightenment, as well as jade bots.

The Kyryan Herald, the most soothing voice in GW2 content creation, shows off the beautiful new Isle of Reflection guild hall, as well as the mission to capture it, dodging story spoilers as much as possible.

Finally, MightyTeapot shares why he is excited for a lot of positive changes End of Dragons is bringing, such as more difficulty options to appeal to a wider variety of players, and a renewed focus on teaching players mechanics like telegraph dodging and defiance bar breaking.

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