Project Gorgon’s Q&A gives a cancer update, shares why a weather magic skill line was killed


A recent town hall Q&A over at Project Gorgon kicked off with a somber-but-optimistic update concerning lead developer Sandra Powers and her ongoing battle with cancer. Powers said that she’s in the middle of chemotherapy but feeling better overall.

“I’m spending a third of my normal work time asleep and another third sitting in waiting rooms, which is really frustrating,” she said. “I have shit to do, you know! But overall I’m doing okay. And weirdly, now that we know what’s going on and a bunch of my symptoms are finally being treated appropriately, I’m feeling better than I have for a while.”

The remainder of the Q&A focused on various topics of concern to the Project Gorgon community, such as breeding (pipe down in the back, there), focused-vs-hybrid builds, racials for starter races, race changes, and group size.

The small dev team also spoke to future idea, such as a Vampire skill line, the upcoming Orc race, and the Kur Mountains art revamp. It was also revealed why a “weather witching” skill was nixed: “That’s why Weather Witching died: My inspiration for the skill was dynamic weather. But it’s too graphics-intensive. We can’t even have dynamic rain without tanking performance for our lowest-tier players. And adding really localized weather phenomena hasn’t panned out. Some features just don’t make it, and Weather Witching suffered that fate.”

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