Playcraft is new indie multiplayer game-building game now on Kickstarter


So here’s a fun new multiplayer toy that just landed on Kickstarter: It’s called Playcraft, and it’s being billed by Bebop Games’ creator Adrien “Zeroneus” Quay-Thevenon as a “multiplayer free-to-play game creation sandbox” – it’s sort of a cross between something like Roblox and Second Life, where people can build multiplayer games inside the game. It’ll be free-to-play with a non-pay-to-win cosmetics shop and a “pro pack” with all unlocks and future updates.

“While developing and modding games is awesome, we all know there’s a barrier for entry due to the complexity and technical knowledge required. With Playcraft I want to speed up the process and remove these technical barriers, making the joy of modding accessible for everyone and bound only by their creativity.”

Playcraft has 25 more days to make its modest $7,425 US ask; it’s already a third of the way there, no surprise since the game’s been in-dev for the last few years and has already been shown at local Montreal gaming events.


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Jon Wax

Too busy on PlayStation with Dreams!!

Thank God for media molecule!!


My son said it looks pretty darn cool (he plays a lot of fortnite/roblox/minecraft as well). I thought it looked interesting, would love to see a walkthrough/review of a finished creation.

Anyone remember Eamon for apple2s?


I watched the whole video.

Yes I did. I watched it all as I was bidden by the Dark LORD himself.

Ia. Ia. Cthulhu Fhtagn!