Kickstarted MMO card game HEX is closing at the end of the year

This poor woman may now be able to wear a shirt.

It’s the 11th hour for HEX, a fascinating title that attempted to blend MMO and card game mechanics together. Also, there were battle bunnies. In any case, the game only has a few months left of operation, as the team announced that it is “required” to shut HEX down on December 31st of this year.

No overt reason was stated for the closure, but the team did link to a 2015 press release about a litigation settlement between HEX and Wizards of the Coast. So we can deduce that part of this settlement was an agreement to end the game at a certain date.

In the final three months of HEX here, the team is throwing a “Sunset Blowout” as a thank-you to the community. This includes consolidated queues, no more tournament entry costs, and lots of daily currency and free boosters.

The team sounds like it wants to keep the idea of HEX alive in some form: “We have also taken snapshots of your collections so we can honor our promises regarding possible future projects in the HEX universe. We cannot say when that might be at this time, but we remain committed to the value of the collections you have made by supporting us this far.”

MMO veteran will remember that HEX kickstarted the TCG craze – and Kickstarted to the tune of over $2M – back in 2013.

Source: HEX. Thanks Frederic!
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