Gamigo throws a 20th anniversary bash in all of its MMOs

Big energy.

Have you ever attended a birthday party that was thrown by the birthday boy or girl in question? It’s a curious exercise in ego and tailored celebration, but sometimes that can be quite entertaining in and of itself.

So welcome to Gamigo’s birthday, as thrown by Gamigo. The gaming publisher is celebrating its 20th anniversary this month and is throwing a party that spans all of the games in its catalogue.

“Every week all October long you’ll discover new in-game events, social media activities and community competitions offering amazing rewards including gaming devices, hoodies, and thousands of Euros in in-game currencies,” the company said.

There are events to enjoy and goodies to be had in a ton of MMOs here, including Trove, ArcheAge, Fiesta Online, Aura Kingdom, RIFT, Defiance, Twin Saga, Eden Eternal, and Echo of Soul. You can check out the game select page to see what rewards are available for your specific MMO.

Source: Gamigo

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Bruno Brito

I would rather get beaten to death by a pack of Archeage players.

Kickstarter Donor

Got the marketing email and the main message very much seemed to be, “SPEND MONEY ON STUFF TO UNLOCK MORE STUFF FOR EVERYONE!” and…nope.

Man I’d love to have an excuse to be excited to install Rift or Defiance or something again.

Bryan Turner

That’s almost like throwing a gala event at the Salvation Army.