Descent is in early access, but at least it ditched microtransactions


Descent: Underground, an officially licensed prequel to 1994’s Descent vehicular shooter, is now available to the general public as well as all of its crowdfunding supporters.

The early access version of D:A boasts three ship classes, five map and game mode combos, and several weapon choices. Descendant Studios is encouraging players to record and share their sessions as development moves forward. The studio has also ditched microtransactions, according to CEO Eric Peterson.

“In response to a broad cross-section of our community, we’ve also decided to move away from the microtransactions model we had discussed during our Kickstarter. Once we leave Early Access, any future content will be bundled into larger expansions,” he says. “Fans have spoken and we listened, ‘buy once, play forever’ is the course they wanted, and one we fully embrace.”

Descent: Underground is coming to PC, Mac, and Linux during the early stages of 2016.

Source: Descendant Studios press release
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