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Wisdom of Nym: Final Fantasy XIV’s Island Sanctuary and the descent of peace

If you look at it from an obvious thematic standpoint, the whole Island Sanctuary idea makes no sense for this particular expansion for Final...

Perfect Ten: A guide to podcasts for your favorite MMOs

Clearly, your Tuesday schedule every week should have a big fat "LISTEN TO MASSIVELY OP PODCAST" written at 4:00 p.m. EST right on it....

End-of-Year Eleven: The best MMO updates and expansions of 2020

With so many delays, it's a wonder that anything released this year at all! And while new patches and expansions trickled rather than flowed...

Bless Unleashed’s latest update adds a new region, new dungeons, Elemental Weapons, and passive upgrades

Players of the PS4 and Xbox One MMORPG Bless Unleashed have themselves some new content to dig in to in the form of the...

Black Desert rolls out Hashashin to PC and mobile, teases O’dyllita for October 7

It's Hashashin day across much of the Black Desert universe, as the new toon is out and playable on both PC and mobile today. "Hashashin...

Enter to win a Neverwinter Gift of the Twisted Noble for PC courtesy of PWE and MOP!

With the launch of Neverwinter's Avernus campaign on PC players last week, PWE has kindly granted Massively OP 50 Gift of the Twisted Noble...

Torchlight III’s early access woes are explained with… zombies and rubber duckies

By now, you're probably aware that Torchlight III's early access was a smidge of a disaster. If it was a rocket launch, it would...

Neverwinter’s Avernus, Star Trek Online’s House Divided launch as Cryptic offers 20th anny rewards

It's a big day for Cryptic Studios as the company is celebrating two decades in the industry, releasing Avernus for Neverwinter, and dropping House...

Neverwinter’s hellacious Avernus module is launching June 30

A while back we'd speculated on whether or not Neverwinter's Avernus module would make its original June launch window, and today we learned that...
We're fine.

World of Warcraft rotates in the Gravity Lapse brawl as the Impressive Influence buff winds to an end

It's time to get used to going up into the air in Eye of the Storm over in World of Warcraft; the most recent...

Hearthstone celebrates its sixth anniversary with the Spirit of Competition event

Hearthstone is both saying goodbye to the Year of the Dragon and celebrating six years of operation in one fell swoop with the start...
Hell hell hell hell

Neverwinter’s Infernal Descent module cracks open on consoles

Almost a month after debuting on the PC, Neverwinter's Infernal Descent has opened its hellish maw for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 players. As we've...

Enter to win a Neverwinter Pack of the Yeth Hound for PC courtesy of PWE and MOP!

With the launch of Neverwinter's Infernal Descent update now live for PC players, PWE has kindly granted Massively OP 25 Pack of the Yeth Hound...

Neverwinter’s Feast of Lanterns brings you all the rats you could ever want

According to the Chinese zodiac, 2020 is the Year of the Rat. I feel this is a marketing challenge for the year, as rats...

Neverwinter’s Infernal Descent tabletop-inspired adventure is live on PC today

PWE and Cryptic have dropped some pretties for PC MMO fans today with the arrival of the Infernal Descent update in Neverwinter, this one...

Neverwinter shares the lore of Infernal Descent’s Vallenhas and hosts a systems team AMA

So we already got a look at Neverwinter's upcoming Vallenhas from a visual standpoint, but you have to figure that an entire location doesn't...

Neverwinter previews its hellish Vallenhas transformation in Infernal Descent

We've been teasing Neverwinter for the over-the-top hellishness of its Infernal Descent campaign, and we're pleased to say that will not end with this...

Neverwinter previews the infernal Avernus campaign

Looks like the HELL PIT was just the beginning for Neverwinter adventurers because it's just about time to start in on the Descent into...

Neverwinter shows off some of the fiendish rewards waiting in Infernal Descent

You wouldn't adventure into the hells unless there was some shiny loot waiting, would you? Luckily, the Infernal Descent content update coming to Neverwinter...

Hearthstone announces fresh solo content for Galakrond’s Awakening, coming January 21

Hearthstone has been... interesting since adding an 8-person multiplayer mode with Descent of Dragons back in December. If you weren't into that at all,...