Star Citizen details work on Orison, server meshing, and AI behavior while hyping up Invictus Launch Week


As we slide forward into May, it’s time for CIG to check in with another Star Citizen progress report for the month of April. Starting things off, there are a number of AI behavior updates to note, with most AI attention being made to a landing officer that will guide players down to a landing pad for a perfect descent, patrolling enemy pathing, and civilian and vendor behaviors. There’s a part about making sure NPCs use the toilet correctly, so players can be rest assured that their fellow Citizens are properly making boom-boom. Immersion!

Much of the art team’s focus in April is all about getting the Orison landing zone finished up, while other work included further development of the Tumbril Nova tank’s treads, the Constellation Taurus, standalone handheld tractor beam and salvaging tools, and “a handful of bespoke weapons” being designed for “some ships featured in an upcoming event.”

Other work of note was a highlight from the Systemic Systems and Tools team, which has been working on the latest version of economy and AI simulation tools to control the game’s background economic simulation as well as progress on server meshing, primarily focusing on object container hierarchy table seeding. Beyond that, the report outlines development of outpost props and generation, volumetric clouds, lighting, adjusted friendly fire logic to account for accidental incidents, and more.

In other Star Citizen news, the devs have begun spooling up the hype engine for the Invictus Launch Week event by releasing a teaser trailer/recruitment ad for the UEE. You can view that trailer below.

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